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Gidget aka Tilly

Gidget is an adorable puppy who is less than a year old. Gidget was found wandering the streets covered in matted fur. When she was picked up the ACO thought that she had an ear infection and took her to the animal hospital. When the veterinarian moved a mat of fur to look at her ear a terrible thing happened. Her skin started to peel away with the mat. At that point it was obvious that this was a very sick little girl. It was determined that Gidget had a skin infection. Once the mats were removed Gidget had open sores on her back that resembled raw meat as well as many other places on her body. She is also missing part of one of her ears. Gidget went through a series of baths and body wraps while taking antibiotics to try to get the infection under control. Finally her skin started to look better and she started to perk up and after 17 days in the hospital she was able to go to her foster home. Gidget is still recovering and healing and will be with her foster mother for quite awhile. She requires baths twice a week and applications of oil to help her skin heal. Please be Gidget͊ Angel and help Gidget with her medical expenses and help her continue down her road to recovery. This young girl has a lot of life to live and lots of love to give!





Buddy came to Poodle Rescue of New England after being left at a shelter by his former owner. Buddy has some major medical issues including advanced heart disease, Lyme disease and very bad teeth. Most likely because of the pain caused by his poor dentition, Buddy is very skinny, weighing only 11 pounds. However, as you can see, heFake watchest letting any of this get him down! HeReplica rolex love, very affectionate, and has a lot of puppy left in him. Thanks to PRNE, Buddy will be able to live out the rest of his days with good medical care, soft food and a couch to play on.

To help Buddy on his medical journey, would you please consider being an Angel for Buddy?



Lenny is a senior gray toy poodle, essentially blind and nearly deaf, found as a stray. Lenny was in horrific condition. He was completely covered in mats, mud, feces and fleas and it wasn't even clear if he was a poodle, male or female. It is unclear how long Lenny was wandering on his own. When found he was extremely thirsty, hungry and tired.

Lenny when found

Thankfully, the Shelter volunteers called in a groomer to attend to Lenny. It took the groomer almost 3 hours to remove the mats and dirt that encased him. She said, "I couldn't even feel the pads of his feet." The thousands of fleas covering Lenny were jumping all over the groomer before she was done and the bath water was completely dirty. Out of this terrible mess, emerged a tiny, 7 pound, very appreciative toy poodle.

Lenny thanks the woman who found him, the Animal Control officer who transported him to a no kill shelter, the shelter volunteers who nurtured him, the groomer who gave him back his Imitation Panerai dignity and who brought him home for a week of TLC.

Lenny is severely anemic from the loss of blood from all the fleas. Lenny's exact age is unknown. Lenny has cataracts but can distinguish shapes and gets around remarkably well. Lenny can also hear some sounds. Lenny has some very bad teeth that need removing ASAP and a heart murmur that will probably require daily medication.

For the first time in a long time Lenny is enjoying a healthy diet, a warm cozy bed, lots of snuggling from his foster Mom and his very own cozy sweater. When Lenny is not resting peacefully, he enjoys exploring the house and taking a walk on a leash. Lenny is potty trained and very polite and he really gets excited when gets a ride in the car.

Lenny will be looking for his new forever home once he recovers. This new home will need to be very predictable,Imitation Patek Philippe peaceful, without too many stairs and loved ones who can be home with him at all times.

Lenny thanks the woman who found him, the Animal Control officer who transported him to the Humane Society, the shelter volunteers who nurtured him, the groomer who gave him back his dignity and who brought him home for a week of TLC. Poodle Rescue of New England was contacted to assist with providing Lenny with what he needs medically and a home without many stairs. Lenny is being fostered in Vermont.

While Lenny builds up his strength for his upcoming surgery he could use lots of prayers and angels. Will you consider helping this deserving little poodle?


October 6 Update:

Lenny does not need any cardiac medications and is cleared to have his abscessed teeth removed. Lenny has been on antibiotics for his bad teeth. The horrible odor in his mouth has subsided, his appetite has improved and Lenny did his first happy dog dance this morning.



The picture below of Lenny's teeth really shows how much pain this poor little dog was living with. Two abscessed teeth were pulled and one other tooth just fell out. The Dr. wants Lenny to continue antibiotics for another week and continue pain meds for a few days. Then Lenny will have a recheck.

The effects of removing Imitation audemars piguet those abscessed teeth are immediate! Lenny's appetite has improved and his playful nature is showing itself. His foster Mom will be shopping for toys that make noise and get him playing again. Life just keeps getting better for little Lenny.


October 16 Update:


Lenny has found his forever home! Barbara, Ginnie and Lenny all agree it was love at first sight. Here he is with them and his new Poodle brother and sister.


A big Thank You to all of Lenny's Angels:

Elizabeth Dunn.
Carol Roberts.
Terri Gerard, in memory of my grandfather Bernard McKenney who loved his poodle Sam.
Love from Lenny's foster brothers and sisters, Fletcher, Shiloh and Huckleberry.
In the name of Love, your foster mom, Terri Gerard






Abby needed surgery to remove 2 eyelid growths which were irritating her eye. One was under the lid and getting larger and the other was on the rim of her upper lid. The surgery was a success but creative, determined Abby figured out how to rub her eye, even with the huge e-collar on, so she needed to be resutured. Let's hope that was the last time!

Abby is a 12 year old standard poodle who is permanent foster dog. Will you consider helping with the cost of her surgery? We can never predict these things and when they need to be done, it puts a strain on our finances. The total cost of Abby's surgery, medications and bloodwork was $800.00.

Will you be Abby's Angel?

In memory of Shamrock, a cat who thought he was a dog.
Nikolina Erickson-Gunther, in memory of Carrie.
In Memory or our K.C.-Peter Saks.


Size: mini
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Evy arrived at PRNE in terrible condition. Her hair was filthy and matted with clumps of hair missing on her back, where it had been torn out by another dog. She was not spayed and sadly, was diagnosed with mammary cancer. Evy also suffers from "dry eye" for which she is treated twice a day. Evy had two surgeries for the mammary cancer and we were hopeful there would not be a reoccurance. Recently, Evy once again developed a mass and underwent a third surgery. She now has also been diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Despite all this, Evy is a beautiful, brave, lively girl. She is devoted to her foster mother and loves people. Thankfully, PRNE has been able to provide the care Evy needs. Please become Evy's Angel so we can continue to care for this lovely girl.




Annie's Story

BOSTON -- A dog so badly neglected that she was blinded from matted fur, deaf from severe ear infections and crippled from leg abnormalities was apparently left to die on a busy road......now has a new leash on life thanks to Poodle Rescue of New England.

WHDH NEWS - Channel 7

WCVB NEWS - Channel 5

WBZ NEWS - Channel 38

Annie, when found

In addition to the care already given, it is estimated that Annie will need surgery costing about $3,500. Will you help?

You may donate online through our Poodle Angel Program and designate that your donation is for Annie, or

you may mail your donation to: PRNE, P.O. Box 441447, Somerville, MA 02144-0012


Annie would like to thank those who came out to meet her at Goldmark Credit Union on June 18. Some came from far away, some took the day off work, some just happened by and ended up staying a while. Annie made new friends and also had the chance to meet the person who saved her life - the man who stopped , blocked the road with his car and waited with Annie until the police arrived.

On June 28, Annie had a consult with a board-certified veterinary orthopedic surgeon who confirmed that Annie has bi-lateral Grade 3 luxating patellas. (Luxating is a fancy word for "dislocating" and the patella is the kneecap.) Essentially, both of the kneecaps on Annie's rear legs are out of place all of the time. Because of this, the weight of her body is being distributed improperly, causing changes in her hip motion and degenerative changes in her joints and leg bones that cause her to walk with a bow-legged gait. After each surgery Annie will need several weeks of recuperation. Her activity will be limited and she may require some physical therapy to help her regain normal use of the repaired joint.

Unfortunately, Annie cannot have the knee surgery right away. Because Annie was never spayed she's come into heat. Dr. Siegel, Annie's veterinarian, feels it is in Annie's best interest to postpone any surgery until she's out of heat to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding from high estrogen levels. Therefore, the veterinary orthopedic surgeon will repair the worst one of Annie's knees on August 20. Dr. Siegel will spay Annie in September, and Annie's second knee surgery will be scheduled when she has recovered from the first two procedures.

Even though the spay surgery will delay Annie's last knee operation, there are serious long-term health risks involved in waiting longer to spay her. Every heat cycle that a female dog goes through increases the risk of developing mammary cancer, urinary tract infections and uterine infections (pyometra), not to mention the very real problems associated with an unplanned pregnancy, particularly for a dog in Annie's condition.

Annie has a long road ahead of her, but for now she's happy and thriving in her foster home. The scabs in her ears are gone, her eyes are no longer red and irritated, and her coat is growing into silky curls and waves. This little girl loves to eat, but she still needs to lose a pound or two, so we're watching her waistline!

We continue to search for Annie's forever home, wanting just the right place for this very special girl. If you're interested in adopting Annie, please let us know by filling out an adoption application.

Stay tuned for further updates!

August Update: GOOD NEWS!!! Annie has found her forever home.

Annie would like to thank her foster care providers 䨯se who welcomed her into their home, cared for her during her recovery from the streets, and made her feel safe and loved. Without people willing to provide temporary homes PRNE would be unable to help dogs like Annie. While in foster care Annie began to trust people and learned what it is like to live in a house with a family. She also developed a taste for Swiss chard, which her foster mom grew in her garden. Annie likes this green as much, if not more, than she does Milkbones!

At the end of July Annie went to live with her new family. She has made herself right at home and enjoys being the center of attention, pampered daily. Her new family adores her and has done everything they can think of to make life better and easier for Annie.

On August 21 orthopedic surgeon Dr Clarke repaired Annie಩ght knee. Everything went well during surgery and Annie is currently recovering. When a PRNE volunteer visited Annie a day post surgery (bearing a get well gift of some fresh Swiss chard, of course!) she was already putting the leg down, which is a very encouraging sign. She returns to the vet in 2 weeks for suture removal and then again 2 weeks, and then 4 weeks, later for a re-check. Annie will be spayed sometime in September and following her recovery from that, the date for the repair of her left knee will be determined.

October Update:

Annie continues to recover from her knee surgery and has become quite the little socialite. She is doing quite well post surgery, taking walks everyday to strengthen her leg and to get to know her neighbors and their dogs. She also goes with her new dad to the gym each day where she has developed quite a fan club. You can't meet Annie and not fall totally "head over heels" about her! With love and patience Annie is growing into a happy girl who is completely adored by all she meets.

Annie will be having her spay surgery on October 8 and once she recovers from this procedure a date ill be determined for her second knee repair.

Stay tuned for further updates!


Annie snoozes post spay surgery.

An orphan no longer - The Sun Chronicle Online - News

ABC6 - Little Orphan Annie Settling In At Home

November 14, 2010:

Annie has recovered nicely from her spay surgery. She continues to blossom in her new home, greeting visitors with a "smile" and immediately then turning over on her back to expose her belly for rubs.

She accompanies her "Dad" to the gym each day where her fan club eagerly awaits her arrival.

Annie recently charmed the staff at JC Penney where she had her Holiday picture taken. We think she's beautiful!

Annie would like to thank her supporters, many of whom continue to follow her progress and ask for updates on her situation.

In February Annie will be re-evaluated by her orthopedic surgeon to check the status of her right knee repair and to determine when she will have her left knee repaired.

Annie wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday season and continues to be grateful to all who have played a role in her journey to a happy and safe life.


On March 6, PRNE removed eight dogs from a horrific hoarding situation. These poor dogs were unsocialized, severely matted (to the point where we couldn't tell whether they were male or female!) and suffered from urine burns. We can't describe the shocking conditions these dogs lived in but one of the volunteers who helped pick up the dogs said her lungs were burning that evening from the stench - not only in the house but that which remained on the dogs.

We have no idea what will unfold during the days ahead. These dogs have no paperwork and have most likely never seen a vet. Fortunately, they're all young - we're estimating under two years old and many are probably mixes - either Bichon/Poodle or Jack Russell/Poodle - but we'll know more after they've been groomed and had vet visits. They all need to be neutered or spayed and will require dentals and complete exams with all vaccines and blood work-ups - at the very least.

This is a TRUE rescue. All the dogs were scheduled to be euthanized on the following Tuesday. If it weren't for PRNE and another rescue, these beautiful souls would have had a tragic ending. We need financial help so that we can provide all that's necessary to get these dogs ready for their new homes. Please help us by making a tax-deductible donation either through our Angel Program (please indicate that you would like to be an angel to the "March Rescue Dogs") or by mailing a check to: P.O. Box 441447, Somerville, MA 02144-0012.

We are so grateful to our volunteers who helped in this mission and to those who are fostering these dogs. It's a long road ahead for these sweet little beings and we're going to be with them for the the long haul. Won't you help us to help them?


PRNE Volunteers have had a busy week bathing, grooming and getting to know our 8 new rescue dogs!



Sonny, Mac and Nicky.
Wendy Newton.
Jane F Karaman.
Anne St John.
Ann Howley.
Sally Jackson.
Judy who loved her Tia.
Rochelle Chambless.
Pattie Demaria.