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Name: Lil' Bit
Size:Toy - 5 lbs
Age: 9 Years
Gender: Male

Lil' Bit is an adorable, 9 year old, 5 pound toy poodle who finds himself in rescue because his mother went into a nursing home. Lil' Bit is very curious in his foster home and explores every corner of the house. He loves to be with people and enjoys having a lap to settle into when he's ready to rest. Lil' Bit walks well on a leash and loves to be outside. He's not wild about lots of other dogs around so a home where he could be the only one would probably be best. He's used to being the center of attention, so a home without children is preferred and someone who has had previous toy poodle experience is a must.

Lil' Bit has had a few rocky months and is looking for a place to permanently hang his leash and coat for the rest of his life. He's only 9 now so he has a long way to go and we want to do what's best for him. He's working on re-learning his housebreaking and is about 98% of the way there. He would like a home where someone is around for most of the day to keep him company, take him for walks and go places with him. His ideal new home will treat him like a king!

Lil' Bit is being fostered in MA and his adoption donation is $300.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Please be an angel.






Name: Buddy
Size: Mini mix - 11 lbs
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Male

Fenced Yard Required
Crate Trained


Buddy is a cute 4 year old, 11 pound poodle mix with unique coloring and markings. He came from a backyard breeder, where he wasn't well-socialized, so Buddy is very timid of new situations and people. He has come a long way in his foster home though, and is very affectionate and playful with the people he knows. He will stand on his hind legs and wave his paws asking to be picked up, which is quite irresistible! He likes to sit quietly on your lap or nearby in his crate or a dog bed. Buddy loves everyone once he gets to know them. If he is approached calmly, he will soak up any attention you give him. He enjoys playing with toys and running around the yard with the other dogs. He is fine with cats and but is a little leery of big dogs.

Buddy needs a fenced in yard and at least one other dog to play with in his new home. He is currently in the same foster home as Lola, and they love running and playing together. He is still nervous walking on a leash and riding in a car, but with more exposure, patience, and positive experiences, he should become more relaxed and at ease with both. He is crate trained and is fairly well housebroken if let out regularly. Buddy likes his crate and will happily go in there at night, as well as during the day to rest if you are busy working.

Buddy is healthy, neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his vaccines. He is ready and waiting to be part of a kind, loving family who will help him build his confidence. He is a good boy with a lot of potential.

Buddy is being fostered in MA and his adoption donation is $300.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Please be Buddy's angel.

Pattie Demaria-Bocchino.




Name: Lola
Size: Toy - 8 lbs
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Female

Fenced Yard Required

Lola is an adorable 8 pound toy poodle/west highland terrier mix who is only 12 months old. She was purchased from a breeder at 8 months by a nice woman, who later found out that Lola had been mistreated before she got her. Lola would shake continuously and was afraid of everything. Her new owner tried to help her over come her fears and provide her with what she needed. However, Lola's fear of men, children, new situations and unfamiliar people made it difficult since the woman lived in an apartment with lots of people and noises all around. She found that Lola was the happiest when she was with other dogs running around outside. Since her owner couldn't give that to Lola as often as she would like, she made the difficult decision to surrender her because she wanted to provide Lola with the best life possible.

Lola has been in her foster home for only a few days, and she has already made tremendous strides. Having other dogs around is very comforting to Lola and she is beginning to act like a puppy, playing with toys and running around with the other dogs. She bonded quickly with her foster mom and enjoys sitting in her lap and laying close to her at night. Lola is fine in the car and walks well on a leash, as long as there isn't a lot of noise or commotion going on around her. She is pretty well housebroken and knows basic commands.

Lola is looking for a home where there is at least one other young dog that she can run and play with. She would prefer a home with just women since she is nervous with children and men, and one that doesn't have a lot of people coming and going. Lola is a sweet, affectionate pup who just needs a little love and attention from someone who will help her build her confidence and socialize her more so she doesn't think the world is such a scary place.

UPDATE 11/1/10:
Lola continues to flourish into a happy, well-adjusted dog in her foster home. She is prancing around with her tail held high and enjoys the attention and affection from her foster parents. Lola is comfortable around her foster dad, although she definitely prefers to be "mama's girl"! She has done well meeting both male and female friends/relatives, and even though she is timid at first, she quickly warms up to them if they approach her in a calm, loving manner. As Lola's confidence blossoms, so do her chances of finding a wonderful forever home. If you think you can provide her with a nurturing environment in which she can learn and grow, then she could be an amazing addition to your family.

Lola is being fostered in MA and her adoption donation is $400.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Lola needs you be her angel.


Name: Leo
Size: Mini-Poodle/Jack Russell Mix
Age: 1.5 Years
Gender: Male

Fenced Yard Required
Crate Trained

Leo is a love bug! He bonds quickly, loves to cuddle and is very intelligent. He has a joyful exuberance which comes out when he's outdoors and at play. Leo just loves being a dog! Indoors he's quiet, attentive and wants nothing more than to be on a lap or just hang out near his person.

Leo was rescued from a hoarding situation and was probably never properly socialized so is wary of most new people and situations, expressing shyness at first but quickly becoming frisky and friendly once he is comfortable with his surroundings. Leo remains very fearful of men so the ideal home for him would be with one with only females.

Leo is great with other dogs, but chases cats - although he is not aggressive with them at all. He is housebroken and has no problem spending time in his crate. Leo is looking for someone who will accept and love him unconditionally. In return he is offering many years of companionship, loyalty and snuggles.

Leo is being fostered in MA and his adoption donation is $400.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be Leo's angel?


Name: Parker
Size: Toy - 8 lbs.
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Male

Fenced Yard Required

Parker sure is happy not to be running the streets any more!! It's hard to imagine this little 8 pounder making it on his own, that is, until you meet him. He has a lively personality with every bit as much dog in him as a Great Dane!!

Thanks to a local shelter who caught him and called PRNE, Parker is now safe and secure in a loving foster home where he is learning to enjoy life. He loves going for long walks, sniffing and exploring everywhere and never seems to get tired. He's good with cats and likes to play with other dogs. He's utterly adorable and the neighbors near his foster home call him "Snowball". With his soft white fur and playful nature he really does look like a ball of fluff when he's enjoying himself outdoors. Because of a mild collapsing trachea Parker requires a harness for his walks but he doesn't mind - as long as he gets to go outside on his walks he is happy as can be!

Parker is ready to become part of a loving family - could that be you???

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be an angel to Parker?

In loving memory of Jasper from Kristin and Pebbles from PRNE.
Pattie DeMaria-Bocchino.
Love, Zachary Binx :)



Name: Violet
Size: Toy
Age: 10 Years (est.)
Gender: Female

Violet has blossomed and graduated to the "Rescue Me" page. Found in a parking lot with terrible teeth and unstable knees, Violet has had a long journey to her current state of good health. Along the way, her personality bloomed as well. She has become a perky girl who loves nothing better than to snuggle with her people. Violet does well with other dogs and while she has not been with a cat, her foster mom thinks she would be fine. When it's time to eat, Violet races down the hall with her foster bothers and sisters, a sight that was unimaginable a short time ago. Steps are still a challenge, so she would need to be on one level or have an owner willing to carry her.

Someone who is at home for at least part of the day is required for Violet .As you can see, she would be a great candidate to visit a nursing home to do pet therapy. Violet is not happy in a crate as she probably was not trained in one when she was younger. She does an awesome job of cuddling in bed with her foster mom and would want to do the same in her forever home. Violet has made progress with her housebreaking, but does still have accidents from time to time.

Violet is a very sweet, loving, little dog who will bring much love to your home. She is waiting for you!

Violet is being fostered in MA and her adoption fee is $300.


Violet is looking beautiful and feeling great! We can hardly believe she is the same dog, found forlorn, in a supermarket parking lot. Violet loves to cuddle and is looking for a lap to call her own. Could it be yours?

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be Violet's angel?

In memory of Tia.
Karen Feitelson.
Pattie DeMaria-Bocchino.
Pattie Demaria, in loving memory of my mother.
In loving memory of Misha.
Violet and Liz, in memory of Ray Simpson who loved his poodles.
The Fuller, Duggan and Hines children, in loving memory of Great Grandpa Raymond F. Simpson.
Margaret Wallace.



Name: Mario
Size: 13 lb. Poodle Mix
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Male

Fenced Yard Required
Crate Trained

No Children

Mario is a poodle mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He has a soft, dense, wavy coat and a long, expressive, undocked tail that telegraphs his every mood. Mario has a wonderful personality. Like many under-socialized dogs, he's initially shy and fearful of new people, situations and experiences and is easily startled. He barks at unfamiliar animals and people. However, once he becomes confident and comfortable in his environment his snuggly, bouncy personality becomes evident, and he develops a warm and close bond with the people he trusts. He happily snuggles on any available lap and takes every opportunity to flop on his back for a belly rub.

Mario has always lived with other dogs and he loves to run, play and explore with his canine companions. The sheer exuberance he displays as he runs full-tilt around the yard is heartwarming, considering the life he had before coming into rescue. Mario will only be placed in a home with a secure fence and at least one other dog for a playmate so he can continue to experience what brings him such obvious joy. Ideally, his human companion/s will be able to spend much of the day with him, too.

Mario sleeps quietly in his crate when required and walks well on a leash. He has learned to take treats gently from human hands and he'll even stand up high on his back legs while he waits for a treat to appear! Mario would do best with a quiet all-adult family that has the time, patience and experience to continue to work with him in a positive way to build his confidence and continue his socialization. In return for a life of love and security, Mario will provide his adopters with loyal companionship, hours of snuggling, and entertaining antics.

Mario is being fostered in MA and his adoption donation is $400.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Please be an angel to Mario.

Marlene, Michael, Lacie, and Mia.


Name: Toby
Size: Mini
Age: 8 Years
Gender: Male

Crate Trained
Fenced Yard Required

Toby is a Yorkie - Poodle mix. He is a sweet, lovable guy; a delightful and active companion. He has earned the nickname "Mr. Wonderful.” A little shy at first, he quickly warms up to new people and other dogs. He is responsive to commands and is a very quick learner.

Toby wishes he could eat all day but because of his diabetes he has a strict schedule for meals - but how he LOVES those meals! He has a special toy, which dispenses his food and slows down his eating. He still doesn't chew, but now inhales at a more reasonable pace. This dog lives to eat.

He is very cooperative when it comes to getting his insulin shots and it is clear that managing this condition has helped him feel much better. The cost of Toby's diabetes medication is $36 per month - can you help sponsor this expense for Toby?

He is crate trained and goes in on command. He is housebroken. He likes to chase cats and other small animals so a fenced yard is a must.

Toby is looking for a family who can help him continue to manage his diabetes so he remains healthy – in return he’ll offer an endless supply of love and loyalty. You won’t be disappointed.

Toby is being fostered in MA and his adoption donation is $300.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be an angel to Toby?

Anna and Phillip Orbanes.
Polly Strickland, a toy poodle, is a Christmas Angel to Toby.




Name: Sarge
Size: Small Standard
Age: 1 Year
Gender: Male

We have determined that Sarge needs additional time in foster care to help him get ready for his forever home. We'll let you know when he is available for adoption. He sure would love some angels to help with his care.

Sarge is a small standard that came into rescue when his family did not have time for him. He is lively, playful and full of beans! He has had obedience training and gets along well with other dogs.

He is still being evaluated and not quite ready for adoption, but he could use some angels to help with his care until he is ready.

7/25/10 Update:
Sarge is a bright young puppy who is full of life. He is very loving with his people and gets along with other dogs, but can be a bit overwhelming in his zeal! He is a lot of fun to play with. He gets overwhelmed and overstimulated easily in new situations. He was probablly unsocialized in his first home and he has trouble remaining calm outside in a busy environment when he comes into contact with people and dogs and may lunge and snap. He also has the same problem when new people come into his home that he does not know. I am finding that if careful calm introductions are made he does well.

Sarge needs a quiet environment both inside and outside the home, a fenced yard and a dog savvy person who will work side by side with our dog specialist to help Sarge through his fear of the unknown.

There are many dogs that may not be very well socialized but do well in their own safe home and yard with their own people. These dogs can make wonderful pets, are fun and loving and worthy. Just because they cannot go to the park or to play groups, or walk down a busy street does not mean they are bad dogs and they all need a home! There is a right home for any dog and finding that home is what we strive to do, even if it takes some time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Sarge or feel you could give Sarge the home he needs.

Will you be an angel?

Lynne and Farnham Blair.
Maddie, the wonder poodle.





Name: Cricket
Size: 21 lbs.
Age: 9 Years
Gender: Female

Cricket has blossomed before our eyes. She truly has a remarkable spirit and determination. She loves nothing more than to please her foster mother. She adores going to do errands and walks beautifully on a leash. She is a perfect houseguest. As a diabetic dog, she cannot self-feed. She requires insulin shots twice a day - 12 hours apart. She requires two meals daily (one before each shot) and she can have a limited amount of treats (very limited). It's very important for diabetics to have a schedule and to stick with it.
The cost for Cricket's needles, insulin and urine testing strips is approximately $85 every 6 weeks. She would love some angels to help cover these expenses while she's in foster care.
If you think you can provide Cricket with what she needs, please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application. You won’t be sorry

Thank you for being an angel to Cricket:

Alice O'Connor.
Anna and Phillip Orbanes.
In memory of Mary, the Grand Dame of The Pet Cabaret.
Kathy and Jack Costigan, in memory of our wonderful hound girl, Cricket, and her poodle brother, Jack.
Margaret Wallace.


Name: Molly
Size: 9 lbs.
Age: 13 Years
Gender: Female

Poodle Mix
Fenced Yard

Meet Molly, a darling 13 year old Shih Tzu-Poodle mix. She was taken to be euthanized at the local shelter when her elderly parents were no longer able to care for her. Fortunately for Molly, a friend came along and recognized that she was not ready to go!

Poor Molly came to her foster home with pneumonia and appeared to be blind but thanks to PRNE, she's as healthy as a horse now and looking for her forever home. Molly requires eye drops twice a day for dry eye. She also needs weekly baths due to a mild skin condition which is common in Shih Tzu's.

Molly loves to explore her fenced yard (when it's not raining) and smell all the wonderful scents outside. She also likes nothing more than to sit on a lap and bounce on her hind legs (a sight to be seen)! She enjoys her food and is an excellent companion to watch TV or read with. She can be slightly nervous around strangers so a household with a lot of activity or children and teenagers would not be for Molly. If you have a quiet home and want someone to love you unconditionally, then Molly might be for you.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be my angel?

Camille Brodek.
Kelli Getchell.
Margaret Wallace.



Name: Angelo
Size: Standard
Age: 1.5 Years
Gender: Male

Fenced Yard Required

We have determined that Angelo needs additional time in foster care to help him get ready for his forever home. We'll let you know when he is available for adoption. He sure would love some angels to help with his care.

Angelo is a beautiful 45 lb.standard poodle that came into rescue unsocialized at a year and a half old. He is very sweet and gets along great with other dogs and is friendly to all people he meets. He is housebroken, and learning to walk on a leash.

It seems the move from his home has really done a number on poor Angelo and has extreme separation anxiety when his person leaves. If someone has the experience in working with a dog like Angelo, in time he would be a fantastic dog. He has all of the wonderful traits of a standard poodle and is smart, gentle and friendly.

He would need a fenced yard and another dog for companionship.

7/25/10 Update:
Angelo has made an amazing amount of progress in his foster home! For the first 8 months he was here, he would go out into the field and lie down, not running, playing or even sniffing to explore. He was completely shut down. He did not know how to play and was not interested in interacting with the other dogs. When his person would leave he would explode into fits and bounce off the walls. He was put on anxiety meds to see if they would help him.

Several months ago, Angelo suddenly discovered his red ball! Since then he has gradually learned to play with it, run and fetch, and chew on it when he gets anxious. Now when he goes out he does not lie down, but will run and play and is showing interest in playing with the other dogs. His attitude is becoming happy and bright. He has been weaned way back on his medication and I think he will be able to go off of it completely over time.

He still shows signs of anxiety when his people leave but calms down quickly. We have consulted a couple of different dog specialists about how to manage him. The consensus was the same, he would need to be confined in a space he cannot get out of or cause damage, like a kennel when his people leave. Another calm balanced dog for company would be necessary. Also someone who is not gone long hours and who is willing to work side by side with our specialist to help Angelo would be a must.

Progress has been slow and may not seem like much, but watching this happy puppy emerge out of a shut down depressed dog has been amazing for me. I am feeling more condifent that Angelo will be able to find his forever home!

Will you be Angelos' angel?

L'Abbé Family and Standard Poodles Scout and Murray.
Carol and Doug Materne in memory of Vin Albee who loved his standards, Ally and Sidney.


Name: Frannie
Size: Mini
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female

Fenced Yard Required
No Children

This adorable girl, a poodle-bichon mix, came from a back yard breeding situation. Frannie is shy and skittish around new people and in new situations until she learns to trust you. Once she warms up to you and feels comfortable she is sweet and friendly. Frannie needs a quiet, calm, adult only home with someone who is home at least part of the day, and someone who is patient and will let her blossom at her own pace.

Frannie was not very well socialized when she came into rescue but she is making progress everyday and will need someone who will allow her to continue to develop without forcing things. Frannie needs to be placed in a home with another dog - she has never been without canine companionship - her behavior with the other dogs in her foster home makes it evident that canine relationships bring her much joy. Frannie is the type of dog who may sometimes prefer the other dogs in her home to the people. She will need a home where the people are not offended by this but rather understand that that is just who she is!

Frannie is housebroken but doesn't have a reliable signal to let you know that she needs to "go" so letting her out on a schedule will be key to avoiding mishaps.

There are many dogs that may not be very well socialized but do well in their own safe home and yard with their own people. These dogs can make wonderful pets, are fun and loving and worthy. Just because they cannot go to the park or to play groups, or walk down a busy street does not mean they are bad dogs. There is a right home for any dog and finding that home is what we strive to do, even if it takes some time.

Frannie is being fostered in CT and her adoption fee is $400.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

Will you be an angel ?




Name: Gretta
Size: Standard
Age: 6 Years
Gender: Female

Crate Trained
Adult Home

Gretta is a very high-energy, healthy dog who wants nothing more out of life than to play and be loved. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which she’s exhibiting here as she sits on top of the washing machine supervising the household! Gretta does become extremely nervous in new situations so we’re looking for a calm, adult only home for her where someone is around during the day. She does not do well with small dogs or cats so she will not be placed into a home with them. She will require a fenced-in yard and a commitment to carry on with the positive training techniques that she is learning now. Gretta will amuse herself for hours in her yard – romping and playing.

The ideal home for Gretta is one that will allow her to emerge at her own pace. She’s been in the same foster home for two years and the change in her is remarkable. However, it’s been a very slow and thoughtful “work in progress”. Her foster mother has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into Gretta’s training and she is looking for the perfect home for her. Until the perfect home comes along for her, she will remain in her foster home, safe, secure and loved.

Gretta is in central MA and her adoption fee is $300.

Interested? Please read our Adoption Process and fill out an application.

In the meantime, Gretta is looking for some angels to help with her expenses. She said beauty isn’t cheap, you know! (Did we tell you how smart she is?) Please consider making a contribution through our Angel Program and note that it’s for Gretta.

In Memory of Patrick P. Poodle
(a "difficult" dog who turned out wonderful!).
In honor of my sister with love, Daisy.
In memory of Gloria Sax.
In loving memory of our 2 brown rescues, Zack and K.C. Waldron.
In honor of Baxter.
I n memory of Michael and Megan, two black standards.






Size: Mini
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Male

After much evaluation, it has been decided that Charlie will remain in his foster home permanently.

Charlie has some behavioral issues that do not make him a good candidate to place in another home. He is happy and safe in his somewhat restricted environment, which seems to be the only way he can cope when scary everyday things happen around him.

Charlie is healthy but needs to be anesthetized to be groomed and vetted so that is a big expense. Would you consider becoming an angel for Charlie to help with his vet bills?

In honor of "Henri" -- a beloved poodle who has some behavior issues of his own.



Name: Abby
Size: Standard
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Female

Abby is a permanent foster dog and enjoys spending time with her best friend Gretta. Due to her age and some behavioral issues, it is best for her to stay where she is, safe and loved by her foster family.
At this time Abby's only medical issue is the beginning of some incontinence which she is on medication for.

Of course food, regular grooming and veterinary expenses are continual, so would you please consider becoming an angel for Abby to help with her care?

Nikolina Erickson-Gunther, in memory of Carrie.

Name: Zach
Size: Toy
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Male

Zach is a tiny, emaciated boy who shakes all the time. Almost all his teeth had to be removed due to dental neglect. The remaining ones were left because Zach's body is so calcium depleted his jaw would have broken if the remaining teeth were extracted. His anal glands were so impacted that the fluid had hardened. Zach had a severe infestation of whipworms which contributed to a skin condition. He has been treated for the whipworms and we hope his skin will begin to improve. Zach's knees are fused because of luxating patellas. He is blind in one eye. Despite the severe neglect he has suffered, he is a very sweet and affectionate dog.

Zach will remain in permanent foster care where he will be safe, well cared for and much loved for the remainder of his life.

Please consider being an angel for Zach.

Patricia DeMaria-Bocchino.
In loving memory of our rescue boy, Dineau, aka Deanie, from Denise Brooks
Julie Ruth Studio.
In honor of my 18 year old toy poodle, Zachory, who passed this week. Thank you poodle rescue for all you do for these little old guys. Love, Matt Regonini and Emily Shea.
In memory of Jean Drake from all the Hyde Park Poodles.
Mary Black.
In Memory of our little man, Deanie, a PRNE rescue-Denise and Keith Brooks.


Name: Josh
Size: Mini, 14 lbs.
Age: 11 Years
Gender: Male

Josh came into foster care when he was rescued from a backyard breeder. He is learning what it means to live in a house where his only job is to be cared for and loved. Josh is friendly with other dogs and is building bonds with his foster brothers and sisters.

Josh is doing extremely well in his foster home, considering the conditions where he came from. His foster parents are delighted with the daily improvements they see in him and feel that it would be best for Josh to remain in permanent foster care. He's come a very long way in a short period of time thanks to their dedication and commitment to him.

Please consider making an angel donation so that we can continue to provide the excellent medical care that Josh so richly deserves.

Pattie Demaria




Name: Tasha
Size: Toy, 9 lbs.
Age: 15 Years
Gender: Female

Poor Tasha was in horrible condition when she came into Rescue. She was delivered in a vari-kennel encrusted with dried feces and urine. She was extremely matted and her toe nails were so long that her feet were contorted. She had a severe ear infection, a urinary tract infection, infected anal glands, an abscess around her anal area, and was anemic & underweight. Once in Rescue she received immediate grooming and medical attention with treatment to resolve her medical issues and help her feel better.

Tasha has been diagnosed with a moderate heart murmur for which she receives enalapril. She will need follow up blood work to make sure the dosage level is correct. Tasha desperately needs a dental cleaning but is unable to undergo anesthesia at present.

Tasha is very sweet and friendly and playful with her foster siblings. She is a bit skittish at first and flinches when approached from above but has blossomed even in her short time in Rescue. Once in a loving and safe environment Tasha appears noticeably brighter and more active, exhibiting play behavior and a distinct sense of humor. She has easily won the heart of those in her foster home.

Tasha has had a tough time and has some possible life limiting medical issues that lead us to believe she will do best in permanent foster care where she is currently happy and thriving. She has been through so much already that another change probably wouldn't be to her benefit.

The yearly cost of Tasha's heart medicine and blood work is $170. You could make a huge difference in her life by sponsoring this expense for her. Please consider being an angel for Tasha.

Patricia Demaria-Bocchino.
Rodney Mcpherson.
Rachelle Waring-Kuschner.
In memory of Molly, KD, Maggie,Felix & Little Guy.



Name: Fifi
Size: Toy, 7.5 lbs.
Age: 10 Years
Gender: Female

The last two years have brought many changes to Fifi's life. Severely overweight, she was diagnosed with diabetes and her elderly owners brought her to the vet to be euthanized. Fortunately, the vet refused and brought Fifi to the local shelter, where she was soon adopted by her most recent owner. Sadly, Fifi's new owner became ill and unable to care for her, so the family contacted PRNE.

Fifi is a special little girl. She's very good about taking her insulin shots twice a day and she loves to remind her foster mother that she gets a treat after every shot! Fifi is almost completely blind, but that doesn't stop her. She loves attention and she loves people. When she finds her foster mother, she'll paw at her leg until her foster mother picks her up! Fifi saw a PRNE vet and was diagnosed with luxating patellas in her rear legs. The condition is mild and does not warrant surgery.

UPDATE: Fifi's been having mild cluster seizures and is scheduled for a work-up next weel. Until we know more about her medical condition, we are putting a hold on Fifi's adoption status. Please consider making a contribution to help us with Fifi's medical expenses. This little girl has been through a lot lately and we want to be sure she gets the best treatment possible.

7/1 UPDATE: Fifi's doing remarkably well since her visit with a holistic vet. She's on some nutritional supplements which have lessened the frequency of her seizures. Fifi will require someone dedicated to her current form of treatment - homeopathic care - and someone who is able to give her two insulin shots daily, 10-12 hours apart. Caring for a diabetic dog requires true dedication but the rewards are endless.

12/15 UPDATE: Fifi began to have cluster seizures in September (not related to her diabetes) and is undergoing treatment to minimize the seizures. Given her many issues, we think it's best she remain in her foster home permanently. PRNE will continue to provide Fifi with the best possible medical care - after all, isn't this what rescue is? If you could see Fifi, you'd know what a determined little girl she is. She likes nothing more than to announce that she would like her breakfast or dinner NOW. She knows when the lid is off the cookie jar and comes running to get her treat. Blind? It doesn't stop her! It's terrible to watch her when she's having a seizure and we're doing everything we can to help her but we need your help to continue to do so.

The cost for Fifi's medication (including insulin, needles, urine testing strips, seizure medication, eye drops and supplements) is approximately $100 every 6 weeks. This does not include veterinary care to monitor her blood glucose levels, kidney and liver functions, as well as routine medical treatment. Please consider making a monthly Angel donation so that we can continue to care for Fifi.. We know Fifi is grateful for every day and she'll appreciate your donations!

3/22 UPDATE: We should all take a page from Fifi's book. She came in with diabetes and limited vision, began to have seizures which turned into grand mal seizures, her vision deteriorated so that before long she was completely blind and now she's just had to have an eye removed!

And yet, every time something happens, she bounces back with a spring in her step and greets each day with a zest for living! Fifi continues to amaze us and we'd like to thank all of her supporters who have given in the past and who continue to give so that we can provide the much needed care for her.

Please be an angel!

Zonda, in loving memory of my Bri.
From Rich, who learned to love Poodles.
Scrap and Louie.
To Fifi, from Mary, a fellow diabetic.
Pattie Demaria-Bocchino.
In memory of Lucy Lockit Hopwood.
Jon Hopwood.
Margaret and "Cookie".
Susan Staats.
Mary Broderick.
Happy birthday, Jerry and continued good health wishes to Fifi.
Lisa Eichman, in loving memory of my own diabetic sweetheart, Graham.
Wink, another one eyed poodle with a zest for life at the age of 15!


There are some angels that just want to love everyone! 
The following donations were given to all the Rescue Poodles. 
These people are considered our

"Guardian Angels"

Woof It Down, LLC, in memory of our Ricky and all the dogs that have been rescued and will be rescued. Robert Moore.
Marcy Eisenberg.
Elizabeth Naser.
iPatricia Konczal, in loving memory of my poodle Mickey. Ed and Teri Sharpe, in memory of our boy Miles.
Judy Yannaco, for all the Thanksgiving poodles, in memory of Tia, a great Standard Poodle. Robert Moore.
Brenda Boda. Jonathan Gibbs.
Bob O'Connor.


Would you like to be a Guardian Angel?